A Gathering of Shadows: Exclusive Collector's Edition is a special edition of A Gathering of Shadows.[2]

Bonus ContentEdit

  • Regular edition: This edition will include fanart on the end pages, an updated glossary of Arnesian and Antari terms, and a brand new short story from the Shades of Magic world. The edition will also include a reading ribbon and metallic ink on the cover.[1]
  • Barnes & Noble edition:[3] This edition features the extras of the regular edition as well as an additional short story.[4]
  • Titan Books (UK): This edition will feature the extras of the regular edition. Copies ordered from Forbidden Planet will, additionally, be signed and contain a bonus short story called "Unfinished Business."[5]


  • "Fallori was a master of pleasure. Perhaps that was why Kisimyr delighted in pleasuring her. In taking control, coaxing delight from the curves of her body, the soft places the other woman knew so well."[6][7]