Antari (an-TAr-ee)[1] are the strongest kind of magicians. They are the only ones able to use blood magic and travel across the four Londons: Red, White, Grey, and Black.

Antari is also the name Kell Maresh gave to the language of magic.[2]


Known bloodcommandsEdit

Command Meaning Notes
As Anasae to dispel
As Athera to grow
As Besara to take
As Hasari to heal is not meant for Antari to use on themselves or for minor wounds
As Herena to give
As Illumae to light
As Isera to freeze
As Narahi to quicken
As Orense to open
As Osaro to darken[3]
As Pyrata to burn
As Sora to unbreak[4]
As Staro to seal
As Steno to break
As Tascen to transfer used to travel between places in one world; start and destination have to be marked by the exact same symbol; can be used to transport yourself to a person if you possess a token from them
As Tosal to confine traps a soul in their own body, making the body unmovable and unresponsive; irreversible, and forbidden in Red London
As Travars to travel used to travel between the worlds; a token from the destined world is needed

Known AntariEdit


  • The blood commands for travelling, As Travars and As Tascen, do not function when you are at sea.[3]


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