The Copper Thief, also known as Is Ranes Gast in Arnesian, was Baliz Kasnov's ship.



In 1820, the crew of the Copper Thief rescued Lila Bard who had been bound and left on a sinking rescue boat floating around the Arnesian Sea. On board the Copper Thief, Lila entrusted her misery to ship's crew: Her ship from Red London, which carried many valuables, was hijacked and her husband murdered by pirates. As soon as Baliz Kasnov learned this, he locked up Lila in his cabin.

Unknown to the crew, Lila is actually a crew member of the Night Spire who made a bet with a fellow privateer that she could seizure a ship on her own. After being locked in Kasnov's cabin, Lila freed herself and went to kill every single member of the Copper Thief.



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