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"They didn't really want to know. They thought they did, but knowing only made them miserable."
This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Shades of Magic series. If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please do refrain from reading.

Queen Emira Maresh was the Queen of Arnes, wife of Maxim Maresh, and mother of Rhy and Kell.

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Emira was a very anxious person, who was dictated by her fear of the world around her breaking. Although she loved both of her sons very much, she was constantly terrified of them getting hurt or worse, leading to her making poor decisions, especially regarding Kell.

Despite this, she was known to be a gentle and calming presence, especially to her husband Maxim.


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The name "Emira" is the Bosnian form of the Arabic name "Amirah."[1] "Amirah" is the feminine version of "Amir" which means "commander" or "prince."[2][3]


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