George IV is the current King of the United Kingdom. Prior to succeeding his father, George III, and ascending the British throne, he was his father's regent from 1811 to 1820.

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In late 1810, his father, George III, fell very ill and was unable to continue his reign properly. Therefore, from 1811 onwards, George acted as his father's regent.[1]

On October 15, 1819, in St. James's Palace, George waited for Kell Maresh who, much to his annoyance, arrived late. Kell handed George a letter from Red London, and George let him stand while reading it and finishing his own letter. However, he took longer than anticipated and destroyed two quills in the process as he was distracted by a bored Kell who had started to extinguish the candles in the room in accordance to him drumming his fingers on the table.

After he had finished his letter, George stood up and asked Kell to take a short walk with him. Then, George invited him to dinner, but Kell refused and George gave him the letter to the Arnesian King and Queen before ordering some guards to lead Kell outside and leaving.[2]

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  • August 12, 1762 – January 29, 1820: His Royal Highness The Duke of Cornwall
  • August 19, 1762 – January 29, 1820: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
  • February 5, 1811 – January 29, 1820: His Royal Highness The Prince Regent
  • October 1, 1814 – January 20, 1820: His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Hanover
  • Since January 29, 1820: His Majesty The King


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"George" comes from the Greek Γεωργιος (Georgios) which, in turn, originated from the Greek word γεωργος (georgos) meaning "farmer" or "earthworker."[3]


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