Kell wore a very peculiar coat.

It had neither one side, which would be conventional, nor two which was unexpected. but several which was, of course, impossible.

A Darker Shade of Magic, I: The Traveler, I

Kell's coat is a magical object which possesses not only two sides but various. It's currently unknown how many sides it exactly possesses.[1]

The coat is very difficult to search, as not everyone can work it. For example, Rhy cannot, but Lila Bard can—to Kell's annoyance.


The coat was previously owned by Maris Patrol of Is Ferase Stras. When Kell Maresh, Alucard Emery, and Lila Bard visit her, she mentions that she used to own the coat and that it eats coins and spits lint if it does not like you.[2]

Eventually, the coat came into Aldus Fletcher's possession, and later, Kell won the coat from him in a game of Sanct.[1]

Known sidesEdit

  • A simple black coat with an elegantly lined silver thread and two columns of silver buttons: Kell wears it in Grey London to avoid offending the local royals, and in White London to make himself stand out and display power. This is Kell's "usual" coat, which he favors.
  • A short green coat with patched elbows: Currently inaccessible.
  • A ruby red coat, the color of the Isle, with a high collar: This coat is Kell's uniform as a member of the Arnesian royal family, and the crown's Antari.
  • A red-collared coat.
  • A brown high-collared jacket with fraying hems and scuffed elbows: Kell wears it in Grey and Red London when he wants to avoid unwanted attention.
  • A knee-length silver jacket, with a patterned border of black and lined with blood-red silk. It had narrow sleeves which flare at the bottom, and a high collar: This coat appears just prior to the Essen Tasch in 1820. Kell wears it as his alter ego Kamerov Loste.
  • A woolen gray coat with a high collar, deep pockets, and black buttons: This coat appears right before Kell leaves Red London with Lila.[3]


Not all of them fashionable, but they each served a purpose. There were ones that blended in and ones that stood out, and one that served no purpose but of which he was just particularly fond.
Every now and then I think I've found them all, and then I stumble on a new one. And sometimes, old ones get lost.

He sometimes worried that the coat had a mind of its own. The only other person who'd ever managed to find what they wanted in its pockets was Lila. He'd never found out how she'd done that. Traitorous coat.



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