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Maxim Maresh became one of the most controversial figures in the Shades of Magic series, more often seen as an antagonist than a hero. But The Steel Prince paints a different picture of the young man, long before he was king. It has taken incredible talent to bring his journey to life on the page. The artistry with which Andrea and Enrica have captured young Maxim borders on true magic. I can't wait for readers to see the rest of the story and the beautiful artwork in The Steel Prince this fall.

V.E. Schwab, Source

Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince is a series of comics written by V.E. Schwab and illustrated by Andrea Olimpieri.[1] It is chronologically the first series in the Shades of Magic series, taking place roughly 30 years[2][3] before the Shades of Magic trilogy.

The comics will tell various stories about Maxim's time at the Blood Coast, specifically how he killed the pirate queen, defeated the rebels, and survived the night of knives.[4]




Teaser 1Edit

Isra: "Don't worry, you're not my type."
Maxim: "Let me guess, you don't like royals."
Isra: "I don't like men."


Designs and previews[1]Edit


  • The conversation from Teaser 1 is based on an actual conversation V.E. Schwab had with a male author.[6][7]
  • More LGBT characters will be introduced.[8] One of them being Isra.[9][10]